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Dedicated to Amber Marshall. Star of CBC's Heartland.

Heartland - 5x06 - The Slippery Slope

Fan Favorite Amy Episode: 5x06 - The Slippery Slope

"I also like 5x06 because of the end scene when she does liberty work with Spartan for Jack." - Anonymous

Heartland - 4x13 - The Road Home

"So what am I supposed to do: just give up on him?"

Heartland - 4x13 - The Road Home

Left Photo: Bring a friend to work!! Here is my friend’s chihuahua “Buckshot” and I getting our hair and make-up done. We have vet clinic scenes today so I brought him along to see if he passes the “quiet test” to be able to be used on set. 😎👍🐶

Right Photo: Here is another pet I brought to work today! Does anyone remember the young dove I posted needing a name? Well here he is, and I decided “Speck” was suiting. He will be in the vet clinic scenes today.

Credit: Amber Marshall

jpnightrun replied to your post:

Well, sorry but those were some of the emptiest words ever. She continued to work with him for quit a while in front of Ty. And it brought her a lawsuit, nice huh. What if Ty would have called Blair over during that time, how would Amy have liked it?

Can we not get into this again. It was a significant moment of this particular episode. End of.

Heartland - 4x13 - The Road Home

Fan Favorite Amy Episode: 4x13 - The Road Home

"My favorite Amy episode is 4x13. I like how it shows how she’s struggling to work with the horse, but then at the end she realizes (with the help of Ty) that she needs to do her own thing and that she doesn’t need Chases help and then she’s finally able to cross Legend over the fire." - Anonymous

Heartland - 1x13 - Coming Together

"That was your mother’s. It was her school ring. She gave it to me when I was on the circuit for good luck."

Heartland - 1x13 - Coming together

S6E07 Life is Highway, Amy shows her maturity and strength by punching Chase Powers as he attempt to kiss her. Amy is no longer that girl he manipulated before.

Heartland - 1x13 - Coming Together