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Dedicated to Amber Marshall. Star of CBC's Heartland.

Preview - 8x05 - Endings and Beginnings

amber_marshall_farm: (1) Really enjoyed the Alberta Snowmobile Trade Show in Edmonton this weekend! Got to do lots of browsing and picked up a few new things for this season. Thanks to Randy (pictured here) and my friends at #ZacsTracks for all the Avalanche Safety tips! Stayed tuned in our winter magazine for an article on ZacsTracks and important winter safety tips! (2) Also ran into my friends at Airdrie Trailers at the #AlbertaSnowmobileAndPowerSportsShow ! I’m so in love with this 2015 Trails West Sled Trailer. The matte black exterior is pretty sweet looking. Shawn and I bought a 2014 Trails West Sled trailer from #AirdrieTrailerSales last year and love it!!! 😊👍

(Left to right) China, baby Gilman, Mouzer, Remi. (x)

Another Day by Graham Wardle
featuring Amber Marshall
A girl goes swimming in the Magical Pool

Another Day by Graham Wardle

Sarah - I agree with all your reasons to buy the DVDs. I would do it for those reasons alone. But a HUGE bonus is that the color and sound quality is spectacular! The colors are VIVID. If you've only seen the episodes broadcast or on NetFlix, they can seem brand new on DVD. Once you have them they will surely be the preferred method to view those seasons. (Not a paid spokesperson for the CBC - I wish I was - they could pay me in DVDs) - Bill
Fan: When people ask about Shawn do you have to ask him if you can answer the question?
Amber: I usually know what he doesn't mind me talking about. And he is usually right beside me when I'm answering questions evenings or weekends.
The start of 804 is the most affectionate this couple has been in several seasons. I immediately thought - we're being set up for the train wreck. The episode is not going to end that way.

Yeah, it definitely felt like a terrible tease. Like the end of 803. But that’s the moment we need to hang onto, as well as that BW guarantee that it will all work itself out. - Sarah

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I was wondering if the season 7 dvds are worth it? We have Netflix, but I was wondering if the extras and all that are worth the money?

well, I guess that’s personal opinion. I buy the DVDs because I like to have them for gif-making and as collectors items. And I live in the US so Netflix here only goes up to S5. Extras are my favorite part of any DVD I buy but I wouldn’t spend $25+ for just them alone. But there is over an hour and a half worth of things. Some were on the Season 7 app but its been so long I didnt remember what everything was and not everyone has access to the app content. However, buying the DVDs helps promote the show, which is what we Heartlanders need to do in order to help them get renewed each year. - Sarah

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Tonight at 7pm on CBC
Heartland - 8x04 - Secrets and Lies

2 years!

Before the day is completely gone, I just wanted to announce it’s AmberMarshallDaily’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already! It’s been such a joy running this blog and sharing with all of you wonderful Marshies what Amber is up to. I’m also so grateful to Sarah for being my co-admin these past few months and keeping the blog active with beautiful edits and GIFs whenever I’m too busy!
Thank you to y’all who follow this blog too! It’s a nice surprise to see so many Marshies on Tumblr. This blog would not exist without y’all!
Here’s to many more years in Amber Nation! ❤️ - Liz

Gem. (x)

Amber Marshall - "I’ve always wanted a snow leopard."

Amber working with a Harris Hawk. (L&S 2.3)

CBC News segment on the 125th episode.