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Dedicated to Amber Marshall. Star of CBC's Heartland.

My office…. Credit: Amber Marshall

Really enjoying Chris Potter as a director. Here is a photo from yesterday of him and I in a scene together. Yes he acts and directs at the same time! Thanks to my make-up artist Donna for this photo! Credit: Donna Fuller on Amber’s Instagram

We change directors every block (which is 2 episodes) to give the next direct time to prep for their episodes. Since prep take three weeks of solid work a director can not be on set and prep at the same time. So that is why we switch directors every 2 episodes. Chris [Potter] has directed a block for the last 6 years.
—Amber Marshall on why Heartland has a new director every block via Instagram

Amy’s Dark Horse Audition

Heartland - 5x18 - Candles In the Wind

My three gentlemen! Hawk in front, followed by Talon, with Cash in the rear. Thanks to everyone for all the anniversary wishes and photos that were posted! It means a lot to Shawn and I. We had a beautiful weekend together. 😊❤️ Credit: Amber Marshall

Heartland - 5x18 - Candles In the Wind

Fan Favorite Amy Episode: 5x18 - Candles In the Wind

"I feel 518 was an incredibly influential episode for Amy. Her liberty work reached a new level and a whole new world of opportunities opened up for her, yet she realized whats important to her. Her work with troubled horses, her life at Heartland with her family and her relationship with Ty." - Rnbuzz


"When it all came together I was like, ‘That was really cool…That’s exactly what I had hoped for!’" - Amber

Source: CBC Live

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Wedding Ceremony # 3

LOVE that she included her horses and other animals in the festivities! I’d love to do that on my wedding day!

Credit: Images by Paulo

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Post-ceremony photo # 7

SUNFLARE! beautiful angle!

Credit: Images by Paulo

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Beaming bride and cool groom
Credit: Images by Paulo

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Amber and Shawn with Amber’s family- her father David, her brother Lee, and mother Wenda.

Credit: Images by Paulo
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Where do you find these wedding pics?

They were found either on the “Images by Paulo” website or Facebook and the magazine “Hello Canada” also had a bunch of pictures on their website :) - Liz

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Jewel… The VERY pregnant cow!! Credit: Amber Marshall