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Dedicated to Amber Marshall. Star of CBC's Heartland.



Where: Spruce Meadows at the Lammle’s booth

When: Saturday, September 13th

Time: 12:30 - 2:30pm

Amber Marshall 2014 Calendar: SEPTEMBER

Featured Animal: China

"My Border Collie X is always happy as long as she is with me. China comes to work with me every day, and on my days off I make sure we can do activities together. Whether it is running along beside my horse or navigating the front of the paddle board, China never tires of our adventures!" - Amber Marshall

AmberFan Kaitlyn at Can-Am 2013 and 2014. Source

Cruise with a Cause meet & Greet at Central City in Surrey, BC

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Amber and her Miniature Horse ‘Talon’ featured in “Canadian Miniature Horses” magazine. (x)

Cruise With a Cause 2014 signing in Surrey, BC. [x]

Cruise with a Cause Meet & Greet at Mountainview Harley Davidson in Chilliwack, BC

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Surrey, BC signing for Cruise With a Cause 2014. (x,x)

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Amber Marshall Fun Fact:

Amber began riding horses at the age of 4. She leased then bought her first horse at the age of 12. He was a chestnut quarter horse named Monty.


Cruise With a Cause 2014. [x]

Last Cruise with a Cause signing 8/30/2014.
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Cruise with a Cause 2014 (x)

Unfotunarely, no ALS ice bucket video from Amber.

No I was nominated a couple weeks ago and donated $500 instead of dumping ice water on my head. Make sure you donate to ALS. The ice bucket challenge is great to bring awareness…. But people forget to donate." (from IG)

To be fair, the original rules of the challenge were to either donate OR dump ice water on yourself, but it turned into people doing both or using it as an excuse for internet recognition. So, technically she accepted the challenge correctly. Haha.

clineles replied to your post: “Thumbs up everyone! Thanks to all the…

I find it interesting that Amber is the only one without a winshield.

Lol, Graham’s doesn’t look like it’d do much good, though, either. Haha.

clineles replied to your post: Amber Marshall Fun Fact:

Perfect for Amber. Not overwhelming in size.

It looks comfortable to ride, too. I love the look of it and the color and that it’s all blacked out and not chromed up.