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Dedicated to Amber Marshall. Star of CBC's Heartland.
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Amber and Jonathan Field. <b>Credit</b>: Amber Marshall

All the actors are picked up and dropped off everyday. Since we work such long hours in remote areas it is a safety concern for us to drive ourselves. Again our insurance company makes sure heartland hires class 4 licensed drivers (same class for a taxi driver) so that if we fall asleep from exhaustion on the way home someone else has the wheel.
—Amber Marshall (via Instagram)

Season 8 Promo

I don't see how you can view Lou as manipulative at all. How is it 'tragic' if she decides that what she wants the most is to be at home with her family? While she definitely stayed at Heartland in season one to make sure it didn't get run into the ground six years later she doesn't stay out of obligation or guilt. She stays because she choose to. Her life isn’t at all sad. I just... wow.
What's wrong with Ty being a small-town vet? I don't ever see him becoming world-renowned but that's not a slight against him. Ty doesn't strike me as someone who'd want that anyway. Is it because Amy is already 'famous' in comparison? I feel Amy's 'fame' is just a by-product of her work + is something she only capitalizes on in order to reach out to more people + help more horses. I think ultimately Heartland will end with Amy + Ty living their ‘dream’; them working together on a ranch.

I would love to see them end up with working together combining traditional and alternative therapies to help horses (and other animals). I love the thought of them having Ty’s vet clinic right there on their own ranch (or if they stay at Heartland maybe building one or remodeling the Quonset hut to serve the purpose). - Sarah

I agree saying Lou was "destroyed" may have overstated the case. I like Lou (sometimes) but the path she took seems tragic (turned into comedy). She "Came Home" for the thankless task of keeping Heartland intact and she has stayed despite several chances to move out, all the while being obsessive, controlling and manipulative. I respect her sacrifice but I also feel sad. To keep "Heartland" intact maybe each granddaughter should build their own ranch house, somewhere on that 600 acres.

I wouldn’t say Lou is manipulative. Tim is manipulative, Lou is just passionate and driven. She doesn’t like failure so she’ll do what it takes to succeed. She originally just came home for her mother’s funeral and to help them get her affairs in order, but upon realizing what kind of trouble her childhood home was in, she did everything possible to keep it from going completely under. Without her, I don’t think Heartland would have been able to keep going after Marion’s death. I think living in New York put her career as her top priority but coming home made her see that family was more important - blood is thicker than water. - Sarah

I think it's only natural for someone to want to explore and expand their horizons. Amy's trip to Europe doesn't have to mean she's decided to completely change her life. Although I don’t think it’s ludicrous for an amazing trip to alter Amy in some way and make her reconsider what she wants. (Also 'simple minded' is kind of gross + ableist so you might want to tw that post)

At this point, we have literally no confirmation of Ahmed’s feelings regarding Amy. We also have no reason to believe Amy feels anything other than friendship for Ahmed. I’m also really really fed up of the petty ‘Ty needs to look up Blair/ Kit’ comments.

The whole Blair/Chase thing is tiresome, I agree, it was three years ago. Let’s move on.

I think it's understandable that Lou doesn't want to move away from Heartland. If Peter continues to work away from home as much as he does now how much time would she honestly spend there? Also like you said as long as Michelle wants to be on the show Lou is a main character & it just doesn't make sense for the show's budget to pay for another house.

I agree with your point about Peter never being there. I think Lou.. or maybe it was Jack… I can’t remember, I’m sure someone out there does. Anyway, I think someone did bring up your point about Peter being gone so much that Lou would be alone (with Katie, of course) anyway. At least at Heartland there’s always family around to at least help the loneliness she surely feels without her husband. The Dude Ranch and Maggie’s keep her busy, which is what she needs/wants as we saw when she came back from her book tour and realized that she wasn’t really needed because everything was running so smoothly. - Sarah

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Bill, very well written.  I believe that some of the things that you have stated could be true.  But only a weak minded person would give up her life’s work because of a simple work trip to Europe.  Also why would anyone limit Ty to a “Simple Small Town Vet”, he could turn out to be an EXTRODINARY Vet with MATERFUL SURGICAL skill that would take him around the globe performing highly specialized operations on some of the most lucrative and expensive horse or any animal in the world.  He could be the one heading out to expand his horizon’s.

But the true fact is this, it is all speculation and hype to catch our attention for the upcoming season 8.  The truth is this, NO AMY at Heartland NO SHOW.  Plain and simple, we all know that.  Will they put us through the ringer again, sure.  I only pray that they don’t continue this already done to death Triangle for Amy’s affections.  If so, I say Ty, Blair was HOT dude, go look here up cause Amy may not be worth the effort.  And the writers would be such simpletons to go down that path AGAIN, I PRAY NOT.
So just remember it’s all HYPE to catch our attention.  I do believe that it would be criminal not to have Amy and Ty finally get married.  I personally believe it is going to happen in the season finale.

Bill honestly, I really did enjoy your point of view.



Graham and Amber at CCMA 2014.

Thanks to ANON who submitted photo.

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Amber and producer Jamie Paul Rock (9/19/14). (x)

I completely disagree that the Lou we met in the Pilot has been ‘destroyed.’ A character’s ambitions and wants are bound to change in seven years. It’s not like she’s ‘stuck’ in small-town Hudson. She built the Dude Ranch from the ground up. A business that she still runs. She writes her blog and went on a book tour. Regardless of the less-than-stellar outcome that’s still an impressive feat. She’s just purchased Maggie’s. (contd)

The Lou from the Pilot is still the Lou we watch today it’s just that she’s channelled her skills into different outlets plus other factors have irrevocability changed her life; she’s married and she’s a mother. Lou’s apparent ‘inability’ to move out of the Ranch isn’t really a reflection of her character insomuch of the fact that it’s a limitation by necessity for the show. If/ when Lou and Peter find their own home that would be another set + location the show would have to fund.

I think if Lou/Peter/Katie did move out, that would be the end of them (or at least Lou) being a main character, for what you said with the budgetary contraints of them having to build a new set in order to continue their story line at their new home, they can’t be at Heartland all of the time. So I feel like they’d all end up becoming minor supporting characters, being part of a storyline when it called for them but otherwise never around. Aside from that, any time Lou and Peter talked about finding a place of their own, she was always reluctant to move (except for the Hanley farm). So unless Michelle decides to leave the show before it ends and they can use that to write them all off, I think they’ll be at Heartland until the last episode (then they may move into their own place). - Sarah

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And the story will not just be the world as it has opened up to Amy but the narrower path for Ty Borden. There is just nothing on his trajectory that aims him toward anything but “small town Vet” for Hudson, Alberta. His dream of building his own Heartland with Amy may be crashing here. (Maybe he was prescient in hiding the real-estate papers in 7x18)

I realize that such relationships CAN work. Amber’s personal life may be an example and in the world of fiction Jack and Lisa actually have a similar problem. But that’s what worries me. Heartland often presents us with similar situations so that the different outcomes will contrast.

For example Lou Fleming was the “fast-track” sister in the Pilot but in coming home she has been essentially destroyed. She can’t move out of her grandfather’s house in 8 years. From the age of 15 Amy seemed content to work in the round-pen with problem horses. But Ahmed (who I still trust to be a decent guy) may have inadvertently destroyed that Amy.

What worries me is that the Jack and Lisa relationship may be setup to contrast with Ty and Amy. If it is Jack and Lisa that actually make this imbalance work, then it may be Ty and Amy who cannot.

I suppose things could be done with Ty’s path to re-balance, although I cannot think what. It used to be that Ty would pull some complete bone-head move to cause a train wreck on or just before season’s finale. But by now he has developed into such a responsible and (mostly) thoughtful young man, while Amy has grown into a self-confident and proud young woman that I cringe at the thought of yet another derailment. (I still find the 2nd half of season 4 excruciating to watch)

At this point when I think about Ty and Amy I always remember the episode title “After All We Have Been Through” (6x15). Surely by now there has been enough character development that solutions can be found, rather than retreating into distrust and hurt feelings.

These are some really excellent thoughts that I will just leave here for people to ponder and consider for themselves.

Miss Amber I been watching the show since 2007 I seen you grow in my front of my eyes. I am a senior leaving in Chicago, I am and old romantic fool. I watch the clip last night I was frozen for a couple second when I saw your character responding his kiss ?? I have to wait at least 2 years to see episode 8 .Question this it is mean over the romance is over between Amy and Graham? Thank you!!

I always hate having to break the news to people that we aren’t Amber Marshall, or in any way affiliated with her. We’re just a couple of fans running this blog in dedication to her. =) But it’s so great that Heartland has reached people of all ages. It’s an incredible show that way. So, I can’t answer for Amber, but I can give my personal opinion that I don’t believe the romance is over between Amy and Ty, (I assume you meant Ty and not Graham?) not in the slightest. I just think it’s going to take a little bit of time for them to get it back after being apart for four months because they have to learn to be together again. And we also can’t assume that there was a kiss between Amy and Ahmed since we didn’t actually see it. It may not have been a kiss at all (personally, I don’t think it was), but paparazzi are vicious and will do anything to sell a story, so they may make it out to appear like it was, but until we see the episode we can’t say for certain. - Sarah